Growing up, I thought saying I wanted to write professionally was the equivalent of telling my friends’ parents that I wanted to be a Jedi -- cute but not achievable.

In college, I realized not only did I enjoy writing but I was good at it. And maybe that pipe dream of mine to write professionally wasn’t as much as of a pipe dream as I had thought. I switched my major to Broadcast and Digital Journalism and never looked back.

I specialize in bringing health and science content to audiences at multiple levels. I love to break down big, technical concepts into sentences and structures people can easily understand -- whether that’s explaining machine learning to doctors or biochemistry to dental patients.
When I’m not writing for my “9-5”, I create marketing campaigns for clients, mostly in the health and wellness space. I’m experienced strategizing, drafting, and executing blog posts, website copy, and social media campaigns. With my broadcast background, I also love to delve into video, including writing, editing, and producing professional health- and science-oriented content.

Sound good to you? Click the button below and reach out. I’d love to hear your story, and how I might fit into it.