Writing and editing are in my DNA, but like the protagonist of any good story, I spent the start of my professional career ignoring my calling. I tried traditional film and entertainment but couldn't escape the nagging urge to create something shorter form. Something just for the internet.

Then, in 2013, a door opened to a gig creating online workout videos. I stepped right through that door and never looked back.

Today, I specialize in creating multimedia digital content for health providers and industry experts.
 I love to break down big, technical concepts into sentences and structures people can easily understand -- whether that’s explaining machine learning to doctors or biochemistry to dental patients.

When I’m not writing and editing for my “9-5”, I help startups launch and gain traction through multimedia marketing campaigns. I’m experienced strategizing, drafting, and executing blog posts, website copy, and social media creative. With my broadcast background, I also love to delve into video and audio projects, including podcast production, editing, and consulting.

Sound good to you? Click the button below and reach out. I’d love to hear your story, and how I might fit into it.